Friday, October 21, 2011

U-Mix Control Pro - Review

U-Mix Control Pro

In alternative to the Hercules e2 USB DJ Console that i showed few days ago we have here the U-Mix Control Pro from Mix Vibes that is also not a much expensive equipment and you can do a lots of cool stuff with it.
So for more informations check this video review from DJ Tutor and you can even participate on his competition to win one of those for free. Check the video for more info:

Also DJ Tutor Channel has a lot of video tutorials to help you become a DJ like "How to mix", "what gear to buy", "how to make a set", "how to mix different genres of music", etc. You have a lot there, i know because i learned most of what  i know from there, but soon i will make a review on his youtube channel and website.

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